A little bit about me

So, my name is Elina I’m currently 34… I think. Let me do the math real quick…………yup! Currently I’m 34, soon to be 35. I think we tend to forget what age we are because let’s face it once you hit your thirties it really doesn’t matter. I’m a single mom of three, ages 16 – boy, 14 – boy, and 9 – girl. I’m still gasping that I’m a mother of a 16 year old. Being a mom is rewarding but it is always very stressful. Thank goodness they are good kids so far, haven’t been hit with any “oh I’m gonna kill them moments.” YET! I know at some point I will. I gave my mom a run for her money and I know some where down the road it will bite me back with a vengeance. Until then I’m thankful.

I was raised by my mother, she worked hard budgeted every penny and provided as if we never struggled. She still does to this day except there’s no more struggling. She is a control freak and that is where I get it from. I need control but only over certain things. Kinda strange because I’m so easy going indecisive loving motherly person. My one true flaw is I’m verbal truthful. Now some don’t think of this has a flaw but I have very few friends because of it. I do not play well with stupid people either and let’s face it the world is full of stupid people. I have the attitude if you don’t like me then you don’t like me. I can careless and won’t try to find out what I did to make you not like me… Your loss! This of course has gone for both family and non family but in the end I have surrounded myself with true people that would do anything for my children and I… And let’s be honest those are the only people you should truly have in your life.

My boyfriend recently moved in and when I say recently I mean like 7days ago. I’m super excited, he is my person, my exception to the rule, my guy that I take as he is. We plan on growing old together and watch the kids never leave the nest.. lol two of the kids have said on more then one occasion they are never leave mama house. Gotta love them and currently at the moment I have all my loves under the same roof… Just couldn’t be happier.

Movie: Love Actually, Pride & Prejudice, Monster Inc., Todd Sweeny, Wizard of Oz, Underworld, and The Goonies.

T.V: The Walking Dead, Greys Anatomy, Scandal, Revenge, Big Brother and Grimm


Favorite Drink: Ice tea or Dr Pepper

Favorite home cooked meal: my moms pot roast

Favorite Place to go: The Beach or The Porch

The person I miss the most: my little grandma!


So much to do and no time


I always look for fun easy craft projects for the holiday found this at all *you

I can’t wait to do this will show my finish projected when complete.


Printer and plain white paper
Mask template (download from allyou.com/mask-templates)
Black felt
White chalk
Rickrack, gold-tone cord, rhinestones or glitter
Craft glue
1 yard black ribbon
Googly eyes

1. Print and cut out template (the regular size works for most pumpkins; the small size is for mini pumpkins approximately 3″ in diameter).

2. Place template on black felt and use chalk to trace it, including eye holes. Cut out mask and eye holes.

3. Decorate mask with rickrack, gold-tone cord, rhinestones or glitter. Use craft glue to adhere.

4. Cut ribbon into two lengths. Attach a ribbon to each side of mask, gluing ends to inside corners (wrong side). Let dry.

5. Tie mask around pumpkin. When mask is in position, glue googly eyes on pumpkin.