Whats really been going on

grrr!!! had a full-page and POOF gone with one click. so here is the short version….

old glory HP crash got a new CHEAP Acer. Computer geek save all my pictures and scrapbook files. Yup that’s really what I should have said before instead of trying to give you details and make you giggle at my crazy life. One great thing the computer geek down at Actions Computer was able to save all my pictures and scrapbooking files from my old glory HP and my external hard drive… YEA.. and on there was some of my old things from the very first blog I ever did. Here is the very first post….

Daily Dose 12/11/2008

Hello blog readers, my birth given name is Elina….but everyone calls me Nena and NeenarNeenar has been my online name for the past ten years or so. I have always wanted to dive into doing a blog and create a part of my life thoughts, complaints and suggestions for others to read. We all know life gets a little carried away and our wants seem to get pushed under something.

Let’s start with a little information about myself. I’m 30 years old, a mother of three, working full time, and starting over.  Love to craft, scrap, sew and read. Going to the beach and listening to the ocean waves and my kids playing is my favorite pass time. I try to learn something new daily and can’t spell or write to save my life. So I ask everyone to look over that…if you can. I take creative criticism and I’m brutally honest. Spontaneous when needed, a people pleaser, and a tree hugger/peace keeper. Love the bohemian style and all natural look when it comes to hair and make up.


My life has changed dramatically these past few months, which has made me be more aware of how I’m feeling and what path I’m taking. My 15 year relationship/marriage has ended, on both good and bad notes. New year New Life. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. During this time of my life I am trying to stay the person I have always been… Since this split from my high school love, I have seen myself changing into a person I do not want to become. I can honestly say that has been the hardest part for me. I myself came from a divorce family and never wanted my own children to go through that. There was a lot more to my childhood story but for my kids I wanted them to be able to say “my parents are still together.” Now they can’t and I feel like I failed even though I know I did everything I possible could and then some. Amazingly or children took it well. One thing we agreed on is we don’t lie, but we also don’t tell if its grown-up stuff. Any time our children asked a question we were honest, in a way children could understand.

Our kids are amazing…They are perfect amazing funny wild children. I don’t need to go on about how much I love them and how important they are to me. So we will bypass all that mushy stuff. 

My life can be wildly fun, peaceful, dramafied, tornadoish, and plane damn lonely at times; but I love it, because it’s my life.


I started Project 365 it’s an iPhone app to take one picture a day for one full year. I have tried similar challenges and never seem to keep with them. So I challenged my Facebook friends list. So far only two others started it and didn’t even bother telling me… but we have kept up with it. I will be adding the pictures so you all can see.

Also Check out: Project 365 Blog       photojojo!

On another note it happening two of my very best friends are moving I truly feel I’m being left.


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