My blog change the world?

Daily Prompt: Be the Change
by michelle w. on November 12, 2012
What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

As I read the Daily Prompt for Nov. 12, 2012 I sat in my breakroom at work and thought blankly a the computer screen… how could my little ol blogg change our big ol world?? I’m no one special, not even a writer or good at it, just an thirty something mother living her daily choas trying to survive what we call LIFE! Then it hit me.. If someone out there is just like me and knows there is someone else just like them going through the some things. At least they can rest assure they are not alone.  So i guess my blogg could change just one person out look and I would be happy and content.. in all honesty my blogg isn’t for other people, it’s for me.

I’m just a California girl in her designer boots trucking through all the bullshit of life while the warm sun shines on me.


One thought on “My blog change the world?

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