Fast Rewind

So this last week dragged on for me… 8 hours of OT at a place I rather not be at in the first place and 6 days straight. Talk about hell. At least it was slow and I had some time to put my feet up and kick back.

The week ended with my two very best friend’s hanging out in the backyard one last time. It was emotional but to see them starting to spread their wings was very rewarding. Even though they are 2 hours away I wish them the best and hope that our daily talks continue and the time till they come down goes by fast. Going from seeing them every day to not seeing them at all will be difficult.  Time will only tell how I deal with this new change in my life. I feel like a mama hen losing her chicks.


On a happier note boyfriend has completly moved in and our weekly routin is in full effect. He works out of town during the week and home on weekends. This past weekened my sweetheart bring this HUGE bottle of bubble bath. Tells me he is going to get our bath ready, nice hot and very bubbly. I go to get into the tub and slip slightly as I’m stepping in. As gracefully as I can grab the side of the shower door to pervent my self from doing the spilts. this is not off to a good start.  The bath was hot and very bubbly.. VERY BUBBLY! I didn’t think anything of it, he tends to buy the more expensive products. I just took it as some expensive bubble bath that greated lots of bubbles. As I’m getting out of the tub I notice the big bottle of bubble bath empty on the counter… YES EMPTY!!! THE ENTIRE BOTTLE!!! I pick it up, move it back and forth and the words come shooting out of my mouth before I could stop my lips. “YOU USED THE WHOLE BOTTLE????” He looks like oh shit wasn’t I suppose to and I reply with “ummmm no just a capp full or alittle more.” This is where it gets funnier or at least to me it does and why men shouldn’t be in charge of certian things… drawing a bubble bath is one of them. He is looking at me questioningly wasn’t that a nice bath we just took… nice.. hot.. and bubbly?  Adoring boyfriend states ” I used the entire bottle because there just wasnt enough bubbles” I blink “I wanted lots of bubbles and they just weren’t producing.” I couldn’t help but giggle and hug my manly man who has never drawn a bubble bath before, but I’m greatly please that his first was for me.


Ok so you have seen these (picture was suppose to be inserted) well I had pictures to be added to this blog, but there is a memory limit. CRAP!! How did I not know this.. off to see how I can fix this or get around it. Any ideas would be great.

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