Last Words

Daily Prompt: Last Words

by michelle w. on November 21, 2012

I took the daily prompt challenge “Last words” as the last time I would ever be able to blog again. My first reaction was to clearly state how I felt about topics and people in general… Well lets be honest my brother came to mind first.  Me being the GOLDEN CHILD and him being THE CHILD EVERYONE HATES, now keep in mind we both are in our thirties and he still has a complex.  Thank goodness I stopped myself from ranting and raving on and on about my brother.

As I started reading everyone different take on the prompt and the simple words that jolted so much emotion.

 Life is worth living well enough that you want to write about it. – The ChatterBlog

Kick Asss!! – Bullets and Dreams

Subject: Done Message: Totally Worth it. – TheMatticuKingdom 


 I sat back and thought what truly would I write if this was my last blog…. …. ….


“Your story doesn’t end just because your blog does”

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