Happy New Years

2012 has come and gone fast then anyone wanted it to. Our New Years was amazing as always because of the Morey family. Sadly though J couldn’t make it this year he had to work. It was very relaxing but that might have been the tequila shots right when I got there. Lol. Some adult time as the kids ran up to the house. I love being up there it’s like going to your older sisters house in the mountains. The smell of wood burning, a wrap around porch you can relax on and sit in the same chair you always sit in with a nice freshly brewed cup of coffee. It’s an amazing quietness it has to it. Everyone who goes to “The Porch” as we call you never seem to want to leave, the time flys by and you always need to go back.

Until next year we love you Morey Family.

I also worked on the “Mary Lou’s Cup of Brew” blog. I think this will help inspire a wonderful writer to get writing but also help with the emotions of starting a coffee shop, dealing with customers and the very small but crazy town it sits in. I’m super excited about this. M.Morey is a funny woman with amazing details when writing. This woman has been through a lot and has so much wisdom. Keep on the look out for a long soon.

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