For new years we went up to Coulterville, CA and did our annual thing with the Morey family. I did a small post about it around the first of the year. As I get older I cherish every moment,and every year it seems to get easier and easier. This could be because the kids are old enough they entertain themselves and we adults have more adult time to ourselves. We did just one thing different this year, we have alcohol for us. Tequila! We played 10,000 to get us to midnight, for a minute there we didn’t think we would make it. Who ever lost took a shot. I lost 3 times!! Had a blast even though I’m a horrible loser.

new years even game

The next day we went down to the coffee shop and organized as much as we could. Mary Lou’s Cup of Brew is getting busier each and every day. Melynda is only one person so anything I can do to help I try to do when I’m there. I also mentioned to her that she really needs to blog about the shop. The daily news, gossip or what in general is going on or how she is feeling. Starting a business is stressful enough but throw in a husband, two teenage boys, four dogs and small town citizens…. Anyone would go mad! She is an amazing writer and funny to top it off. This past week I started a blog just for her unfortunately she hasn’t been able to post anything yet. She has called to let me know she wants my typos corrected……hahaha!

During the set up of Mary Lou’s Cup of Brew Blog I came across this…
Teens are now wearing braces as accessories, I know this is crazy. Now keep in mind this is a fashion statement overseas in China, Indonesia and Thailand. I just can’t imagine any of my kids requesting for braces, but then again are kids now a days are wearing clothes from the 70s, 80s and 90s; eyeglasses are in style, being in band is the coolest thing around and no one wants to get there drivers license. Things have certainly changes since I was a teen. You can find the strangest things on Yahoo homepage.

On another notes:

I’m a huge crafter that likes to find crafts to do but never really has the time to do them. So for this year I am doing one craft a month to start, one for holidays and birthdays. Wish me luck! I know some birthdays are coming up soon like this month in 19 days or so, but I’m in Valentines Day mode.

Lego Necklaces and Rings… Just way to adorable, I wish I had the items to make these. Maybe I can sneak some of my teenage boys’ old Legos and make one for Banana (my daughter) and Monkey (my niece)

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