Today I was able to finally sleep after being up almost 24 hours. Having a man that works graveyard is tough on me. His schedule sometimes is my schedule. Met up with my mom today and hit a couple of stores. Kelli and hobby lobby. Kelli’s is a fine clothing store that has some of my Iphone Swarovski cases and I needed to drop of a few more off and pick up payment for ones that sold. While we were there we got some shopping in, Banana got her first pair of Tom’s white and black cheetah print, so adorable. Hobby lobby didn’t have much I wanted on sale. I’m a huge sale, clearance and free type of shopper. I was able to get to goodwill today and picked up a few items for the house décor.

Wall of plates
Will be adding more to my plate collection.

It's all good
Some wall art for my command center wall.

Old school cooking
I’m always on the search for old cooking wear.

I’m also getting back into scrapbooking since the new computer is up and running and I have so much time at night. Trying to get back onto all my old digital scrapbooking website and comfortabel using my software again. It’s difficult to say the least. First layout since I have been back.
christmas tree 2012
I do not know why it is fuzzy/grainy…. but it is driving me crazy. it happened when I resized the darn thing to go onto my scrapbooking website I’m a memeber of.

Looks like I will be getting a lot of my need To-Do list completed. Blog, filofax, art journaling, and craft projects. I plan on making a weekly To-Do list between all and see what comes from it.

Participated in the first Monday Mugshot



Please check it out if you like to art journal or want to start. I have dabbled in it alittle.. very little but it is one of my wants for the year.

On a crazy thought today is my FIVE year mark working for the company I work for. The perk of being there for five years is I get lunch on them and I gift. The lunch will be for my entire team.. YEA me and the fact that we have three other people celebrating their five year mark too. That means every week this month we will be having a potluck lunch on them. For my gift I ordered a digital camera which I gave to Banana, she was VERY happy. The camera I would have thought would be better qaulity but it works perfectly fine for a 9 year old.

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