Web MD makes it worse

As you can see I haven’t been on much. completely fell out of my routine, with work, house and family my life has been CRAZY!

WORK: contract is up and we are on the verge of striking, which oddly enough I’m ok with. We are spoiled at the company I work for, we get at least one month of vacation or more if you have been there longer, we get our sick days PAID, great medical, and not to mention all FMLA is paid for. There are draw-backs,  seniority means nothing, we work weekends, the shifts stink, quotes are a bitch and new hirers seem to get paid more than people who have been there for 5 plus years.



HOME: the work here is never done, my garage door has been broken for ever, my house has some how shifted in its place and has made all the doors in my home not shut or stay shut correctly and there are new cracks I’m finding daily. I am not the wicked witch of the west please house don’t fall on me.


FAMILY: my oldest son has a pile of college apps sitting her staring at screaming pick me pick me. I’m not ready for this, my first-born is going to graduate next year, this is INSANE!!! My middle has a GF and is back on the football team and has yet to speak to his father in almost a year.  J and I are getting into our own routine and being in the same house every day seem to need some getting use to . My doctor found out I never sleep, hahahaha I could have told you that. This time he has proof, I only get 3hours of REM sleep and in each hour I wake up 24 times. WTH! this explains a lot.

My daughter……she has always had stomach problems but recently it seems to be getting worse. As far back as I can remember she would have an episode of vomiting, but since she always had them I just chalked it up as a sensitive stomach. Well now its festered into stomach pain, on controllable vomiting, headaches and to the point she can’t get out of bed. I recently took her to her peds and was advised to take stool samples. If any of you other parents have ever tried to take stool samples in a divorced family not to mention you’re at work when she’s at her dad and she doesn’t feel comfortable with her dad. OMG, I feel your pain!!! It was a grooley process but we got it done. So today I received a call from a doctors offices saying they have an apt for her.. I had not idea what doctor this is, we had just went to a neurologist last week for the headaches that came before the stomach pain and vomiting. She stated her headaches are hereditary. Come to find out the doctor apt for tomorrow at 9:20 am is 1 hour away with a pediatric endocrinologist. Which I now know from WEB MD has to do with hormones. Why are we going to a Hormones doctor, WHO KNOWS!! I don’t care what kind of doctor I have to take her to just as long as someone find something and gives me a solution to fix it and make my babygirl better.


To another sleepless night take care!