Tring to meet new friends

I just submit as in less than five minutes ago, submitted my info for the “Cara Box” hosted by Wifessionals. Super excited just sad I missed this month. You guys know my two best friends moved away and the boyfriend moved in. Things are just not the same, not that they are bad because by no means they are not. It’s just going from seeing your BFFs every day and talking to them daily to not seeing them for months is TOUGH. Poor boyfriend can only take so much talking and refuses to go shopping with me, but who can blame him. This is the reason I join this “Cara Box” to spread out my wings and try and meet new people.

Cara Box

I have also recently been going to what I call my “old ladies night” (please no one take offense) I call it this because majority of the woman or well over 55, no I do not think 55 years is old; but I’m the normal the oldest around my friends at 35 so for me its a change. The first meeting was bring 5 accessory items (watch, purse, scarf, necklace, etc) you no longer want. During the party you will exchange and steal (white elephant style) the accessory. Every month there is a different theme, this last month was a book club theme. We each brought one to three books that we would like to pass along. We had ten minutes to steal the book from someone else or pick from the pile. To keep it a little calm, we would take turns rolling a dice. If you rolled a 1 or 6 you could steal or pick. We had so much fun with the 1966 Hershey’s chocolate book. One of my godson loves Hershey’s, we have this little known thing every time I go up to see them I bring him a Hershey’s bar. Well, I wasn’t about to go home without that book, so his mother and I would steal from everyone. We teamed up to make sure we didn’t go home without it, but when everyone caught on to what we were doing then they all turned on us and kept stealing. It was comical to say the least. I have meet some wonderful woman that have help me along this path in my life with great advice, support and encouragement. Our next meeting is Aug 15th can’t wait already planning what I’m bring for my dish.


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