Books into movies:

I have been searching for another book to read since I’m almost done with Vampire Academy. I prefer series over just one book and the end of story feeling, but if it’s good enough I will read just about anything. Now if only I can make more time for it. I’m currently started managing my time better, since J moved in and we are getting used to things and into a schedule. I need to spread my time everywhere it seems, even my mom is feeling neglected. There are tons of top best books to read or must read lists but I’m going to start with books into movies. Since I love to read a book go watch the movie then complain how it was nothing like the book and they missed this or that. Hahahahaha We woman love to complain.

So, I did some searching… google searching books made into movie 2013 and this is what come up.

Cosmopolis by Don Delillo
Something about a wealthy man needing a haircut at his father barber and a strange situation. None of that appeals to me so off to the next one.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer
Something about alien spirit host our body’s to live among us but one is fighting mental to stay in control of her body. WEIRD yea I know.
Now I have this book and have tried to read it multiply times but I’m just not getting into it. So for me this will be a see only movie.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Ok here is one I want to read but fate has prevented me to. I went shopping about two weeks ago I check the book isle just in case I find a book at a good rate to read. I see a book that says City of Bones, I grab it and happy that I’m only going to pay $8.88 Wal-Mart and their weird prices. I get home settle into bed with my book I was so excited I sent a picture to my friend telling her I found us a new book to read. We read the same books at the same time so we have someone to talk about it with; kind of a two person book club. As I grab my book and start to read none of it makes sense, it’s like a missed an entire section but I just started reading. Well I grab book 4. GRRR! I returned it and I have not went to pick up book 1 I have until Aug 2013 to read it.

Hunger Game by Suzanne Collins
I didn’t like the movie.

Fifty Shades of Grey the series by E.L James
Lots of nastiness and love.
I have read all three books but what woman hasn’t in America.
Book 3 was a disappointment.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
Mysteries woman shows up in a small town and meets a widower with two small children, They fall in love I would assume since its Nicholas Sparks
This is on my list. Who doesn’t love Nicholas Sparks novals.

Why we Broke up by Daniel Handler
A bookworm and a sport captian date and break up.
This is quite a different type of book for Daniel Handler not sure if I can believe he went from Lemony Snicket to this.

Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume
A young girls loses her father and starts over with family in New Mexico.
This is on my list, a good read for me and my daughter.

Beautiful Creatur es by Kami Garcia
On my list

This one is not on a lise to be made into a movie, but I just join GoodReads online book club to read in Jan.
Wool by Hugh Howey
After a man made apocalypse survivors live underground.
This should be interesting.

My List: (will be updated as I find more)
City of Bones
Tiger Eye
Beautiful Creatures
Safe Haven