So much to do and no time


I always look for fun easy craft projects for the holiday found this at all *you

I can’t wait to do this will show my finish projected when complete.


Printer and plain white paper
Mask template (download from
Black felt
White chalk
Rickrack, gold-tone cord, rhinestones or glitter
Craft glue
1 yard black ribbon
Googly eyes

1. Print and cut out template (the regular size works for most pumpkins; the small size is for mini pumpkins approximately 3″ in diameter).

2. Place template on black felt and use chalk to trace it, including eye holes. Cut out mask and eye holes.

3. Decorate mask with rickrack, gold-tone cord, rhinestones or glitter. Use craft glue to adhere.

4. Cut ribbon into two lengths. Attach a ribbon to each side of mask, gluing ends to inside corners (wrong side). Let dry.

5. Tie mask around pumpkin. When mask is in position, glue googly eyes on pumpkin.