Christmas has come and gone, but happy to say I stayed under my budget and the kids Christmas list was completed. Well almost, some of the things they asked for were just not feasible. Example my 16yr old son asked for a penguin.. Yes! A penguin, he got a stuffed one.

I have had this angel since 1995.

I have had this angel since 1995.

As I’m gearing up for 2013 getting into a new routine with the house, the kids, J and personal routines I’m starting for myself. I was on the hunt for my old Filofax but couldn’t find it. I search ever where and sadly I think it got put in the goodwill box. I was bummed since I had that Filofax since high school. I went ahead and was crafty/thrifty and created my own. With some amazing creators and Filofax lovers I was able to print everything I needed. It’s still I work in progress, but so far I have been using it. I will post either pictures or video.

I also have been slowly working on my organization. This is my hallway closet we use it for our games and I have to say it was annoying me. Every time you open the darn thing something would fall out. So one night of many night I can’t sleep I did the dreadful thing… I open the cabinet and went through it all. Got rid of games that were broken or missing parts and donated ones we haven’t played with.

Hallway before #1 Hallway before #2


Hallway After #1 Hallway after #2

Next is my scary closet… oh lord help me.