Started something new today…. HELP!!!

Today was the first day of recording my stepdad cooking for his YouTube channel. It was a very long day and I ended up recording my mother throughout the day, too. I have to say she is pretty funny or at least we think so. Now she wants her own YouTube channel, what did I get myself into? Oh dear lord help me get through this, I have so much to learn with editing videos, which programs are the easiest to use and how to work them. For now I started to use VideoSpirit Pro. For two reasons it was free and it has some amazing reviews. Now I’m trying to learn how to use the darn thing and so far it is not going to well. I think I may need to leave my current job to do this, there is not enough time in the day. Everyone wish me luck. I plan on putting up my own videos too. I have thought long and hard if I should start recording and I have so many woman I have got inspiration from. Now all I need is to figure out my content to Vlog, everyone seems to have an idea of topics they want to Vlog about. I just haven’t found mine as of yet. Maybe just my everyday life but there is really nothing exciting. Anyone got any ideas??? What do you all Vlog about?


On another note, I have decided that sunday posting will be schedule peeks, art journal and scrapbooking. I’ve recently got back into digital scrapbooking and enjoying it. I’m also going to try art journaling.. I have done a few in the past, like two page hahahaha I wouldn’t call myself an art journaler as of yet. We shall see and I’m thinking of positing those pictures on Sundays. Kind of a end of the week here is my paper crafts I guess since they all have to do with paper. I just realized that right now. Ummmm. Paper Sunday!

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