Kinky Curlys

I as none of you know have naturally mind of its own beautiful curly hair. If anyone one knows finding a product that fits your hair type is hard… Do I use a brush vs fingers… Wash daily or every other day?. The list really goes on and on. Most of the time my hair get done in the morning and mid day it’s up in what I’ve been calling a Nena-Bun but now everyone calls a messy bun.. Which seems to be in these days. I have done some research and found many costly products.. But let’s get real, I’m a single mom wanting glamour hair on a shoe string budget.

I found Curl Box which is a monthly subscription very much like Birch Box or Glam Bag for markup but this one is for hair. I haven’t yet subscribed so I couldn’t comment if this was a good deal or not, I did however ask for a 3 month subscription for Christmas. So I will keep you posted, I think I’m on Santa good list this year……well maybe!

During my research I found this stuff called Kinky Curly I’ve wanted to try and it had great reviews, but like everything else it wasn’t at my local drug store or Sally’s beauty supply. I was not about to order and pay shipping.. I know I sound cheap, but at $16.99 plus shipping for me it wasn’t worth it. 😦 I told myself I would wait until I was in a town that had it in a store I was in to purchase… So basically if I came across it.

This weekend I was once again in the battle of which product to buy that was for normal straight to wavy hair. Standing in the isle over looking every product I haven’t tried yet, I pick two cheap mousses, YES! I said it MOUSSES! I know I know. What I’m I thinking… Why would I want crunch dry hair. That’s all I know.

I go to the next isle only to see in a very small section of a few products I’ve been wanting to try but to cheap to order had have mailed. I couldn’t believe this my chance has finally came, I chug my two bottle of mousse out of the basket and grab the Kinky Curly and head for the door before I change my mind at spending $16.99 for this small jar of ick. Now mind you as I was looking at all these products the poor boyfriend is standing behind me BLOWING my cellphone up say PICK ONE ALREADY! Hahahaha this is another reason he sends me shopping on my own.

Today was my first day I will post pics tomorrow of two different ways of how I applied.
Until tomorrow.