What will my family do??

Today we got some really bad news. Let me start from the beginning. My papa (my grandfather) and his sisters were extremely close. They did everything together, vacation, parties and family gathering. There was never a time that someone wasn’t at someone house BBQ or hanging out. As the years went by the family got bigger but nothing changed. I remember at least once a month taking that hour long drive to my auntie Helen’s house for a family gathering and everyone would be there.

When my grandfather passed away many years ago my auntie Helen stepped in and held our family together. She kept a close relationship with my mom and all of my papa children. She is the rock of our family. The last 8 years she has put together family reunions since we have family all across the states, just so we could see each other once a year to reconnect. I valued that deeply because I was able to connect with my cousin from out of states and have a close relationship with them. So when our family was devastated by the tornado in Moore, OK. We jumped right in to help even though it was family we see once a year. My cousin lost her 9 year old daughter and we felt there grief all the way over here in California. My auntie Helen is the last sister, the last rock in our family from my great grandparents. It heart breaking to find out that she may have stage 4 cancer in her spin and the doctor can do nothing. I’m at lost for words and in fighting mode even though technically we don’t have a for sure yes or no.

This is what they said… The mass on your lungs is small and very simple surgery to take out you will not need radiation or chemo. BUT we found something on your spin we are not sure if its cancer or arthritis. Arthritis REALY!! If its cancer it’s stage 4 and there nothing we can do.

WHAT!!! Is all I could get out. How can you so simple break our family foundation and not give us hope. I find myself trying to research everything about bone cancer and then I stop myself. I refuse to make it cancer stage 4 without knowing for sure. I’m grateful our family is so close knit that we shall lean on each other during this hard time. I don’t know if anyone will understand why I’m so upset considering its my great aunt, but when she has been in your life from birth and makes sure she is in contact with all her nieces, nephews and their children than you can understand this is effecting everyone and how deep.

I just pray for the strength to be strong for not only my auntie Helen but for her children, my cousins during this tough time.


Tring to meet new friends

I just submit as in less than five minutes ago, submitted my info for the “Cara Box” hosted by Wifessionals. Super excited just sad I missed this month. You guys know my two best friends moved away and the boyfriend moved in. Things are just not the same, not that they are bad because by no means they are not. It’s just going from seeing your BFFs every day and talking to them daily to not seeing them for months is TOUGH. Poor boyfriend can only take so much talking and refuses to go shopping with me, but who can blame him. This is the reason I join this “Cara Box” to spread out my wings and try and meet new people.

Cara Box

I have also recently been going to what I call my “old ladies night” (please no one take offense) I call it this because majority of the woman or well over 55, no I do not think 55 years is old; but I’m the normal the oldest around my friends at 35 so for me its a change. The first meeting was bring 5 accessory items (watch, purse, scarf, necklace, etc) you no longer want. During the party you will exchange and steal (white elephant style) the accessory. Every month there is a different theme, this last month was a book club theme. We each brought one to three books that we would like to pass along. We had ten minutes to steal the book from someone else or pick from the pile. To keep it a little calm, we would take turns rolling a dice. If you rolled a 1 or 6 you could steal or pick. We had so much fun with the 1966 Hershey’s chocolate book. One of my godson loves Hershey’s, we have this little known thing every time I go up to see them I bring him a Hershey’s bar. Well, I wasn’t about to go home without that book, so his mother and I would steal from everyone. We teamed up to make sure we didn’t go home without it, but when everyone caught on to what we were doing then they all turned on us and kept stealing. It was comical to say the least. I have meet some wonderful woman that have help me along this path in my life with great advice, support and encouragement. Our next meeting is Aug 15th can’t wait already planning what I’m bring for my dish.

I’m here

ok so things have been CRAZY.. like life always is… but I have to say I have missed blogging.. and strive to be more efficient at it. My work schedule changes which I hope gives me more time to blog and do all the things I love to do. I have been on a monthly box addiction which I now have under control. My daughter has been going through a lot of medical concerns and now myself is under some scares. We shall see what this last part of 2013 has in store for me. off to feed my 6′ 3″ teenage for some reason he keeps telling me he is hungry. Laters Peeps off to do my motherly duties.


Just received my VoxBox from  Influenster it was filled with the new Ivory body wash & hair product. I have to say it was larger size then I expected and it smells sooooooo FRESH!!!! I did think I was going to get samples of all the different products instead of just one HUGE size product but I’m not complaining and they sent coupons. Who doesn’t love coupons.  Cant wait to suds up with it and smell nice and fresh.

Web MD makes it worse

As you can see I haven’t been on much. completely fell out of my routine, with work, house and family my life has been CRAZY!

WORK: contract is up and we are on the verge of striking, which oddly enough I’m ok with. We are spoiled at the company I work for, we get at least one month of vacation or more if you have been there longer, we get our sick days PAID, great medical, and not to mention all FMLA is paid for. There are draw-backs,  seniority means nothing, we work weekends, the shifts stink, quotes are a bitch and new hirers seem to get paid more than people who have been there for 5 plus years.



HOME: the work here is never done, my garage door has been broken for ever, my house has some how shifted in its place and has made all the doors in my home not shut or stay shut correctly and there are new cracks I’m finding daily. I am not the wicked witch of the west please house don’t fall on me.


FAMILY: my oldest son has a pile of college apps sitting her staring at screaming pick me pick me. I’m not ready for this, my first-born is going to graduate next year, this is INSANE!!! My middle has a GF and is back on the football team and has yet to speak to his father in almost a year.  J and I are getting into our own routine and being in the same house every day seem to need some getting use to . My doctor found out I never sleep, hahahaha I could have told you that. This time he has proof, I only get 3hours of REM sleep and in each hour I wake up 24 times. WTH! this explains a lot.

My daughter……she has always had stomach problems but recently it seems to be getting worse. As far back as I can remember she would have an episode of vomiting, but since she always had them I just chalked it up as a sensitive stomach. Well now its festered into stomach pain, on controllable vomiting, headaches and to the point she can’t get out of bed. I recently took her to her peds and was advised to take stool samples. If any of you other parents have ever tried to take stool samples in a divorced family not to mention you’re at work when she’s at her dad and she doesn’t feel comfortable with her dad. OMG, I feel your pain!!! It was a grooley process but we got it done. So today I received a call from a doctors offices saying they have an apt for her.. I had not idea what doctor this is, we had just went to a neurologist last week for the headaches that came before the stomach pain and vomiting. She stated her headaches are hereditary. Come to find out the doctor apt for tomorrow at 9:20 am is 1 hour away with a pediatric endocrinologist. Which I now know from WEB MD has to do with hormones. Why are we going to a Hormones doctor, WHO KNOWS!! I don’t care what kind of doctor I have to take her to just as long as someone find something and gives me a solution to fix it and make my babygirl better.


To another sleepless night take care!

My First Youtube Video….

So I uploaded my VERY FIRST YouTube video… and I have to say it wasn’t easy. The video editor I’m using is easy to use, I just havent mastered it yet. I’m new to all of this! I also didn’t realize that there would be a “free trail” in green at the top of the video for the first few seconds, hahaha. Guess I will be buying this program soon. I alr…eady can see where I need improvement in my videos, but here you go anyway…

My very first YouTube video

My Birthday

Yesterday was my 35 birthday…….. and it was awesome. First my very special bestest person in the world dropped off my present the day before.

Melynda give to me

Then on my birthday Jay got some goodies for our bathroom. We have been looking for a shelf but couldn’t seem to find one. He found one at Target, which is a favorite place. He also got me slippers and a bath pillow. Believe it or not those slippers keep my feet really warm.

Me on my birthdayMy goodies

Top it off my very first ipsy bag come… YAY!!! I did a opeing vlog but i erased it when uploading the photos tonight. :/

 my Birthday 016

Full view of all products in the bag

Big Sexy Hair 1.5 oz

my Birthday 013

Travel size $6.00

London Soho New York 

my Birthday 010

Concealar Brush $7.00

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange

my Birthday 012

Body Butter $7.00

Josie Maran

my Birthday 011

100% Argon Oil 15ml $14.00

Nailtini “Cocktails for Nails”

my Birthday 014

Frappe $13.00

Total bag cost: $47.00

Totally worth the $10.00…. every single penny

I link each product to it's website if anyone wanted to purchase.